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About Kels Lacanilao 


Kelsey Lacanilao (Lakan-Ilaw) is a lesbian, Aquarius, first-generation artist and maker born in Los Angeles by Philippine immigrants from all over Luzon Island (Pampanga, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Abra, Batangas).

She started making jewelry as amulets, and as a way of feeling more connected with the Earth & her body - to adorn it with self-made things that make her feel beautiful and protected. 

Tulá means "poem" in Tagalog. In this spirit, Tula Designs offers gingerly handcrafted adornments, inspired by tender composition & expression, ancestral heritage, the natural world, and the lyrical human body. 

In addition to creating, she works at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and with Kailukuan School of Indigenous Science. She is a former Seattle independent bookseller, passionate about radical liberation, community care, indigenous sovereignty + dismantling settler colonialism both systemically and spiritually.


She loves collecting many things - from knick knacks, sacred objects, shells and rocks to rare books & even tatus on her body. She currently resides in Long Beach with her life partner, 2 rescue pit bulls, 2 rescue cats + rare crested gecko.


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