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Labradorite + Pearl Earrings

Labradorite + Pearl Earrings



Labradorite + pearl on a 18k gold hook. 


Each adornment has been smoke cleansed with anglem (burned twined cotton cloth) infused with dragon's blood resin in order to release and drive away possible harmful energies.


Gray Labradorite possesses a beautiful flash of light amongst the greyer minerals - the spectrum of colors are caused by light reflecting off of a twinning surface within the stone. The Inuit people share a lore that the Labradorite stone came from the Aurora Borealis’ frozen fire. What was once an ordinary stone, it changes into an extraordinary stone that shimmers a mystical light which separates the waking world from the realms that are unseen¹.  


    All my pieces are created by hand and made to order. Gemstones are natural and will vary and size, pattern and shade.


    Take off when in contact with water, avoid pulling wire, and clean with a dry cloth and store in cotton cloth bag (free with purchase) when not in use to preserve integrity.  

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