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Single Dzi Bead + Green Tiger's Eye Earrings

Single Dzi Bead + Green Tiger's Eye Earrings



Tibetan agate + green tiger's eye with an 18k gold plated stainless steel nickel free hook. 


Each adornment has been smoke cleansed with anglem (burned twined cotton cloth) infused with dragon's blood resin in order to release and drive away malevolent energies.


Knowledge of ancient dzi Tibetan agate beads is derived from oral traditions and still remains an ancient mystery. There are so many variations of their creation story - 

The first story tells about Guru Padmasambhawa who once cast a tantric curse on some stones which transformed into Dzi beads and were thrown into different places all over Tibet. The second tale relates the Dzi beads' origin of insects. Many insects roamed around the riverbanks of Tibet and when people would run into these insects, a negative aura would consume them and transform them into Dzi Beads. The third legend claims that the Dzi beads were treasures of the sea brought up by serpents. Many tend to believe this because Dzi beads are part of the agate family. Many agate pieces have been created through rock formations found nearby or in rivers all over the world.


There is a lot of speculation about how the original dZi was etched because the modern technology of heating beads in a vacuum chamber was not available 100 years ago in remote Tibet. 


They are regarded as intensely powerful protective amulets - this mysterious agate is steeped in history, with many belief systems turning to the powers and energies of the stone. Dzi and were considered to counteract the evil eye, protect from harmful energy and will always be one of the most interesting, mysterious and highly regarded amulet stones. 


Known since the 1800s as a protective amulet, Tiger Eye is known for its chatoyancy and shine. This cat-eye shimmering effect is caused by the mineral’s natural parallel structures and reflective light that hits these minute, needle-like fibers. While brownish gold and iron tiger eye is known as a wild force of energy,  green tiger eye possesses similar energy, but grounds and roots you to your own personal will.


    All my pieces are created by hand and made to order. Gemstones and pearls are natural and might vary and size, pattern and shade.


    Take off when in contact with water, avoid pulling wire, and clean with a dry cloth and store in cotton cloth bag (free with purchase) when not in use to preserve integrity.  

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