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Snakeskin Jasper + Glass Mother of Pearl Necklace

Snakeskin Jasper + Glass Mother of Pearl Necklace


Glass grey mother of pearl and semi-precious snakeskin jasper beads. 


Each adornment has been smoke cleansed with anglem (burned twined cotton cloth) infused with dragon's blood resin in order to release and drive away malevolent spirits or energies.

Since ancient times, Jasper has been valued and utilized for its strong healing and grounding powers. Many cultures harnessed and utilized the jasper healing properties in some way. This sacred stone is a powerful protector and supreme nurturer. The design of snakeskin jasper is known to absorb positive energy with its lines and curves and support the holder in connecting to them.


Glass is a substance we often take for granted. All elements go into the making of glass: earth, fire, water, air. So while it might be human-made, we can be conscious of the rituals that go into the creation of it and practice gratitude for its own kind of magic. May it connect you multi-elementally.


    Necklace is about 18 grams in weight and about 23-24 inches in length. All my pieces are created by hand and made to order. Stone beads are unique and will vary and size and shade.


    Take off when in contact with water, clean with a dry cloth and store in cotton cloth bag (free with purchase) when not in use to preserve integrity. 

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