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Teardrop Angel Earrings

Teardrop Angel Earrings

$45.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price


A moss agate teardrop with lapis, milky quartz, selenite and blue glass bead. 


Moss Agate and its green abundance can reconnect us to the frequencies of the Earth, and bring nourishing abundance in a steady, strong manner, with energies capable of helping us ground ourselves and pursue our benevolent ideas. This stone can support new births, new beginnings, and seed planting.


Selenite is a calcium sulfate mineral that is the crystallized transparent variety of Gypsum. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, in many traditions across the centuries, selenite is believed to be powerful, vibrating at a high frequency. Selenite slices through the air cleansing and recharging any environment it's placed in.


Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Latin word “Lapis” meaning stone and the Persian word “lāzaward” meaning sky or heaven. It is a metamorphic rock found in caves rather than mines and has some of the oldest societal uses tracing back ancient Egyptian high trade due to its beauty, but also incredible power. Its deep blue signifies wisdom and higher knowledge.


Milky quartz amplfies energy. According to legend, this crystal is believed to have been used as a gift from the Gods to humans to protect them from negative energy and promote overall well-being. It is known for its unique power to amplify energy, enhance focus and concentration, and balance emotions.




    All my pieces are handmade to order. I value and use high quality materials to extend the life of each piece. Earring hooks are 18k gold stainless steel + nickel free. Clasps, chains, beads, hoops, jump rings and other hardware are 18k gold filled or 24k gold plated zamak or stainless steel depending on the piece and material availability. Pearls, shells and gemstones and other beads are natural, genuine, and from the Earth and will vary and size, pattern and shade.


    Each adornment has been smoke cleansed with anglem (burned twined cotton cloth) or asta sughanda infused with dragon's blood resin in order to release and drive away possible harmful energies. Take off when in contact with water, avoid pulling wire, and clean with a dry cloth and store in cotton cloth bag (free with purchase) when not in use to preserve integrity.

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