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Ulan Necklace

Ulan Necklace



19.5 inches. 24k gold zamak clasp (a hypoallergenic, nontarnish, strong metal). 

Teardrop mother of pearl, soldaite and dragon jasper.


Sodalite is a group of minerals also known as the feldspathoid group. It’s been traced back to the Caral People (2600-2000 B.C.) near Lima for trading purposes. Sodalite elicits deep thought - it has a tranquil energy and encourages clarity of mind and soul, intuition and analysis. It can support deep mediation and journeying with its calming properties, helping stabilize energies.


Nacre, also known as mother of pearl, is an organic–inorganic composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer; it is also the material of which pearls are composed. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent.With its home in the sea and even freshwater, pearls can have great purpose in moon rituals and energy channeling and symbolize our own inner wisdom.


Predominantly mined in Western Australia and South Africa, Dragon Jasper’s colorful appearance inspired many legends throughout history. Like all forms of Jasper, this stone is a form of cryptocrystalline Quartz. The trace minerals and impurities give it its iconic swirls and texture. Ancient folklore says that Dragon’s Blood Jasper was a powerful talisman. When carried, it was said to prevent a single drop of a warrior’s blood from falling on the battlefield.


    All my pieces are created by hand I value and use high quality materials to extend the life of each piece so they are non-tarnish, hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free. Pearls, shells and gemstones and other beads are made of natural Earth elements.


    Each adornment comes with asta sughanda infused with dragon's blood resin. Avoid pulling wire, clean with a dry cloth and store in cotton cloth bag (both free with purchase) when not in use to preserve integrity. 

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